Brian's saff tani skateboard, first stickers on US soil
Brian’s saff tani skateboard, first stickers on US soil


I did not see this coming but here it is decorating and adding some attitude to a desk lamp at the owners office at Barrington CoffeeRoasters!

Thank you Jasmine and a shout out for Barrington CoffeeRoasters

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Visa banners in the press centre of the D-caf cultural festival in Cairo, it just did not add up!


The first tags ever, our beloved salafi presidential candidate, and of course a Giza microbus, in Sudan street, Mohandessin


Apparently this driver just love to collect tickets and such, This was the first head to head with the Saff tani sticker against the official parking ticket, the second day the car was parked in the same spot so i just added another sticker to the collection


double parked police truck


double parked police truck, Mohandessin, Syria street,that was on the day of my birthday last year and funny enough the truck’s plate number was my birthday year! such a gift

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