050 – Down By Law


Excuse me. Do you say in English,
”I look ‘hat’ the window,”
or do you say in English,
”I look ‘hout’ the window”?
Well, in this case, Bob, I’m afraid
you gotta say, ”I look at the window.”
So, uh, Za… Jack.
Jack, why-why are you put in this place?
I don’t know, Bob. It was, like,
voodoo or something, you know?
I was framed. I’m completely
innocent. You understand?
– Yes. You are innocent man. I understand.
– Yeah.
And you, my friend, Zack,
why are you put in this prison?
I was set up, Bob.
– Just like Jack.
– Mm.
I ”ham” an innocent man.
I see.
You too are an innocent man.
So, Bob,
for why are you in this prison put?
Me? I killed ”hay” man.
You killed a man, huh?
What’d you do that for, Bob?
The guy didn’t like Walt Whitman?
I never asked this man
if he liked Walt Whitman.
Come on, Bob.
Why’d you kill a man?
I, uh… We-We was, uh,
playing-a card.
No? Table. I have no money,
but I am a cheater.
– Yeah?
– Very good.
But I don’t know…
I don’t know why they…
they notice after a while
I-I-I-I am a cheater.
It’s strange, really. I’m a good cheater.
They notice, and I run, run away,
and they run back me, yes.
In another room with the billiard,
pool… the pool, no?
There. And, uh, and, uh…
But I was very fast, very speedy.
And they for stop me,
take a ball… take ball… many ball.
Very ”closed.”
Ta! Ta! Ta!
And I… You…
You throw ball against me,
I throw ball against you, no?
I take one ball… a number eight.
Very good ball. Black ball.
Ta! Tum! Ta!
In the ground.
First stroke. Ha!
Dead. Very big man.
On the ground.
First stroke.
Is that true, Bob?
This is a true story?
– True story? Yeah, true story.
– Yeah.
True story.
Very true story.
On the ground, the first stroke.
You throw the ball against me?
I throw ball against you.
But I ”ham” no criminal.
I ”ham” a good egg.
I am a good egg. Jesus.
Yes. I ”ham” a good egg.
Yes. We are.
We are a good egg.

Down By Law –  Jim Jarmusch

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