051 – feat. Baron Faris Westchester

Did you have your face illustrated and showed in public in an art piece?!, read on to find out how this dude did it

wess aayat

Wes LOVES his care package from Taipei via Australia. Thanks Erny x

What’s the strangest submission you’ve gotten?

There was one—only one—interspecies submission to BFF. It was a guy and his Chihuahua, who was named Baron Westchester von Tumbleton. I hadn’t specified that I was limiting this to human friends. He called me on it. So I wrote him and said, “If you have any human friends, you could send them in.” He did end up sending a picture of his girlfriend.
paris review

a spontaneous interview with the proud owner:

Yasmin Elayat
if this makes me the laughing joke more than usual
i will kill you
everyone makes fun of this
i have to send you someting else
wes is the son of two dog show champions
but he was a reject
i have a pciture of his parents.
do you want it ? hehehe

Yasmin Elayat

Yasmin Elayat
I hang them up on top of his food bowls

Yasmin Elayat

Yasmin Elayat
My friend Samir told me that makes me a bad mom because I am reminding Wes of how inadequate he is compared to his dog show champion family

Kareem Osman
now we are talking

Yasmin Elayat
Also: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yelayat/sets/72157623371552565/
I have to give credit to who helped name wes
his full name is actually
Baron Westchester Al Faris du Laika von Tumbleton, III, esq.
When I was debating getting a dog and giving him a name
my mom wanted me to give him an arabic name, so she thought Faris was cute for him
so Faris is his middle Arabic name

du Laika is b/c my ex boyfriend wanted to honor the first dog in Space: Laika
who never came back. so this is in honor of her
actually I can blame him for most of the naming
I only picked the Wes part


Yasmin Elayat

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