110 – HipsterPhone / Hipstagram

All the photos were taken by the Hipster Phone in CYNetArt Festival 2013 in Dresden, Germany. We live tweeted these photos of the awesome Dresden crowd at #hisptagram

The Hipster Phone is a communication device made of physical gadgets that imitates the disparate functions of a Smartphone. With its playful structure, the Hipster Phone invites interaction with the familiar components of a Smartphone in unfamiliar ways.

The video was made using a Quartz Composer directory scanner patch, complied and recorded in VDMX’s audio analysis function

Video by Kareem Osman

Check out:
CYNetArt 2013 page http://www.cynetart.de/2013/?l=e
Hipster Phone http://medrar.org/OLE/?p=494

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