it is just a digital pin board for my thoughts and memories, i like to put things together and surprise myself.

i’m a Visual Jockey, graphic designer, activist in my head, Egyptian, big city boy, living in the big C, god bless Cairo, it is a love hate relationship i have to admit, but i love this city in my core, just as much as i like human beings in general, it is always fascinating what humans are capable of doing, yet they drive you sick a lot of the times, i’m a big fan of geometry, square rocks, pyramid rule, semiotics is a passion, language is an obsession, it is not a shame to believe in the principles of existentialism, i trust post modernism in theory. the application is fucked, because of the media, because of the corporates, because people are forgetful, same applies to religions.

this blog if you will is a dynamic mind map, my promise as baldessari’s “i will not make any more boring art”

i have to thank many people for being the reason i started blogging, and the continuos inspiration from http://www.notcot.org/

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