by: Abdellatif Kechiche (2000)

i just saw this movie and it is pretty good

Abdellatif Kechiche is a Tunisian-French actor, film director and screenwriter who made his directorial debut in 2000 with LA FAUTE À VOLTAIRE (aka POETICAL REFUGEE), which he also wrote. He also directed GAMES OF LOVE AND CHANCE, which won a César Award for Best Film and Best Director. He presented THE SECRET OF THE GRAIN at the 64 Mostra del Cinema in Venice for which he was awarded the Special Jury Prize, the FIPRESCI Prize, such as later the Louis Delluc Prize and others César Awards for Best Film and Best Director. His 2013 film BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR won the Palme d’Or and the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
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066 – DesperadoJoke

This reminds me of a joke.

This guy comes into a bar…
…walks to the bartender and says…
…” Bartender, I got a bet for you.
I’ll bet you $100 that I can piss…
…into that glass over there…
…and not spill a drop.”
The bartender looks at the glass.
It’s feet away.
He says…
…”You’re telling me
you’ll bet me $100 …
…that you can piss,
standing here…
…into that glass,
and not spill a single drop?”
Customer looks up and says:
“That’s right.”
Bartender says, “You’ve got a bet.”
The guy goes, “Okay, here we go.”
Pulls out his thing.
He’s thinking about the glass.
He’s thinking about the glass.
Thinking about his dick.
Dick, glass, dick, glass,
dick, glass, dick, glass.
Then he lets it rip. Continue reading “066 – DesperadoJoke”

050 – Down By Law


Excuse me. Do you say in English,
”I look ‘hat’ the window,”
or do you say in English,
”I look ‘hout’ the window”?
Well, in this case, Bob, I’m afraid
you gotta say, ”I look at the window.”
So, uh, Za… Jack.
Jack, why-why are you put in this place?
I don’t know, Bob. It was, like,
voodoo or something, you know?
I was framed. I’m completely
innocent. You understand?
– Yes. You are innocent man. I understand.
– Yeah.
And you, my friend, Zack, Continue reading “050 – Down By Law”

A world of shit

Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for

you and me?
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.
Who is marching coast to
coast and far across
the sea?
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.

Mickey Mouse. (Mickey Mouse.)
Mickey Mouse. (Mickey Mouse.)

Forever let us hold his banner high.
High. High. High.
along and sing a song and join the
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the last from good will hunting

Sean’s Office

You know, I was on this plane once. And I’m sitting there and uh…the captain gets on, he does his whole, you know, we’ll be cruisin’ at 35,000 feet. But then he puts the mic down n forgets to turn it off.


And so he turns to the co-pilot n he’s like, “you know, all I could use right now is a fuckin’ blow job and a cup of coffee.” So the stewardess fuckin’ goes bombin’ up from the back of the plane to tell him that the microphone’s still on. N this guy in the back of the plane is like, “Hey, hon, don’t forget the coffee!”

You ever been on a plane?

No, but it’s a fuckin’ joke. It works better if I tell it in
the first person.

037 – about a girl


And BAM! He clocks it. High fly ball down the left field
line! Thirty-five thousand people, on their feet, yellin’
at the ball, but that’s not because of Fisk. He’s wavin’ at
the ball like a madman.

Yeah, I’ve seen…

He’s going, “Get over! Get over! Get OVER!” And then
it HITS the foul pole. OH, he goes apeshit, and 35,000
fans, you know, they charge the field, you know? >

Yeah, and he’s fuckin’ bowlin’ police out of the way!

Goin’ “God! Get out of the way! Get ’em away!”
Banging people..

I can’t fuckin’ believe you had tickets to that fuckin’
game! Continue reading “037 – about a girl”

Changing Lanes

00:33:35,120 –> 00:33:38,032
You had a fender bender
and the other guy’s gone postal.

00:33:38,240 –> 00:33:41,755
I don’t want to kill anybody,
you know what I mean?

00:33:42,480 –> 00:33:47,952
I’ve just… never done
this kind of thing before.

00:33:48,160 –> 00:33:52,153
– What kind of thing is that?
– I just want my file back. Continue reading “Changing Lanes”

waking life – bar scene



(A guy in a bar, actor Steven Prince, talking with a bartender, Ken Webster.)

It was in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere, but on the way to Vegas, so, you know, every once in a while a car would pull in, get gas. It was the last gas stop before Vegas. Office had the chair, had a cash register, and that was all the room there was in that office. I was asleep, and I heard a noise. You know, just like in my mind. So I got up, and I walked out, and I stood on the curb of where the gas station ends, you know, the driveway there. I’m rubbing the sand out of my eyes, trying to see what’s going on, and way down at the very end of the gas station they had tire racks. Chains around them, you know. And I see there’s an Econoline van down there. And there’s a guy with his T-shirt off, and he’s packing his Econoline van with all these tires. He’s got the last two tires in his hands, pushes them into the thing, and then I, of course, I go, “Hey, you!” This guy turns around, he’s got no shirt on, he’s sweating, he’s built like a brick shithouse, pulls out a knife, it’s 12 inches long, and then starts running at me as fast as he can, going AAAAAAAHHHHH. Continue reading “waking life – bar scene”


I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me… but it’s hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in the world.

Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst…

And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid life…


American Beauty – closing speech

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