أهو دا اللي صار – And so it goes


Jesuit Church – Alexandria
october 2015

110 – HipsterPhone / Hipstagram

All the photos were taken by the Hipster Phone in CYNetArt Festival 2013 in Dresden, Germany. We live tweeted these photos of the awesome Dresden crowd at #hisptagram

The Hipster Phone is a communication device made of physical gadgets that imitates the disparate functions of a Smartphone. With its playful structure, the Hipster Phone invites interaction with the familiar components of a Smartphone in unfamiliar ways.

The video was made using a Quartz Composer directory scanner patch, complied and recorded in VDMX’s audio analysis function

Video by Kareem Osman

Check out:
CYNetArt 2013 page http://www.cynetart.de/2013/?l=e
Hipster Phone http://medrar.org/OLE/?p=494

109 – half a moon

what is joy what is pain i wonder what is artificial and superficial, what is it that we mean when we say we suffer what is a goal what is achievement, what satisfaction is, i wonder, what is joy what is pain i wonder, wander, wanderer, what is wonder, can i still be surprised anymore i wonder, what is it to cry out of joy, what is unknown, i am here right now, this i know. this is what i will carry with me to sleep, this soft breeze and and my mom’s subtle smile and a little story about the moon i hear with my eyes.

IMG_8259// dark matter

// هيولي/مادة معتمه

// still

// رورشاخ لو شافها هيقول إيه؟

// repeat revolve recycle recircle recycle read reach real

// هيولي معتم كلنا نعرفه

// a composite of two dimensional and three dimensional in space

// a synthesis

// و نظرا لإطارنا المحدود في القراءة، يرتد علينا بلا تعريف

// volt wind mind member fine re-

// still

// a dark matter we all know

// as arrested as we are

// we can not name it

٠٢٠ – يوميات المنيرة / “هتغابي عليك”ا

انهارده كان فيه واحد سواق الترامكو عتيقه راكن ف حلق شارع و فاشخ اللي رايح و اللي طالع…راجل بتاع سبعين سنه، من عمر العربيه اللي معاه تقريبا، وانا رايح كان واقف جمب العربيه و بينده، و فاتح باب الركاب و هايص، عربيه شكلها دولاب ايديال تمانيناتي كلها متربطه بحبال اصلا، و فيه جوز ركاب غلابه كومبارسات قاعدين جوه مستنين.
رحت، و بعد تلت ساعه كده راجع و سامع كلاكسات فشخ، و ناس ملمومه علي الراجل بيوبخوه، و هو واقف بيقول لواحد “هتغابي عليك، هتغابي علييييك” “احنا بنعرف نتلابط””احنا كويسين اوي بس نقل ادبنا برضه” و حاجات من هذا القبيل، بس الثابته في كل فاصل “هتغابي علييييك”.
و الكلاكسات من تاكسي مش عارف يخش الشارع.
المهم ان الموضوع ده مش شاغل بال اي حد تاني في المنطقه، كل الهيصة دي حاصله و اللي بيبيع بيبيع و اللي ماشي ماشي و اللي بيشرب عصير شغال، و الكومبارسات قاعدين ف الميكروباص عادي جداً، و كام واحد -وانا منهم- واقفين بنتفرج في سلام زي ما يكون مسلسل تركي.

كل اللي قادر افكر فيه، ان الراجل الكبير ده كان زهقان و قرر ينزل يجر شكل حد في الشارع. و الكل فاهم كده و بيساعدوا الراجل ينفس!
ليه لأ

ضحكت و مشيت


in Torgoman bus station waiting for my bus to Dahab, Sinai
الترجمان – اتوبيس ١١:٣٠م دهب

101 – feat. ARAKI

“people say i’m insensitive, why?; maybe because i’m a gemini, i’m not alone, there is another me, there’s me snivelling and another me watching”
a photo is a moment between the past and the future.
inner distortion.
my tokyo.
sky developed negatives.
personal photography.
sex and death, these two desires are inseparable.
i take pictures of nude women even if they are fully clothed.. a woman nudity is to be found in her face.

٠١٩ – هـ

و ما انا بلا لغتي
و ما اللغة الا أداة
احترم أدواتك

قال أبي
أقتل أبيك

قال شمسي
و فلذة كبدي

و ما انا بلا أبي
وما أبي الا ربي

أقتل أبوك

062 – Active-B, triclosan, anti-bacterial soap myth

صف تاني

…Animal studies have shown that triclosan alters hormone regulation. However, data showing effects in animals don’t always predict effects in humans. Other studies in bacteria have raised the possibility that triclosan contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. …
How can I tell if there is triclosan in a product that I am using?
Antibacterial soaps and body washes, and toothpastes are considered over-the-counter drugs. If an over-the-counter drug contains triclosan, it will be listed as an ingredient on the label, in the Drug Facts box. If a cosmetic contains triclosan, it will be included in the ingredient list on the product label.

– What consumers should know

WTF – hindustan unilever again:

At the same time that Hindustan Unilever was participating in the “health in your hands” initiative, for example, the company was modifying the material qualities of Lifebouy soap by introducing the anti-bacterial agent “Active-B’, or…

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099 – Dance and Rant

my lovely friend Lara wrote this as a comment on my status: “Rant, Rant, or else we’re lost” a parallel to Pina Bausch’s famous statement: “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost”

“Dance,” said the Sheep Man. “Yougottadance. Aslongasthemusicplays. Yougottadance. Don’teventhinkwhy. Starttothink, yourfeetstop. Yourfeetstop, wegetstuck. Wegetstuck, you’restuck. Sodon’tpayanymind, nomatterhowdumb. Yougottakeepthestep. Yougottalimberup. Yougottaloosenwhatyoubolteddown. Yougottauseallyougot. Weknowyou’retired, tiredandscared. Happenstoeveryone, okay? Justdon’tletyourfeetstop.”
– Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance

٠٢٠ – مصر اليوم

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.01.41 PM

ثروت السكري, شريك مصطفي السكري -الله يرحمه- من ٨٤, ثروت مسيحي و لقبه السكرى بكل فخر, علي لقب شريكه. عيال مصطفي بيقولو لثروت يا بابا حتي لغاية دلوقتي أحياناً و هما فيه منهم عنده واحد وعشرين سنه.ْء
السكرى واخد حقوق تصنيع الكرة الرسمية لإتحاد كرة السرعه من التمانينات.ء
ثروت مبيحبش يتصور.ء

-هو إنت مسلم ولا مسيحي
ثروت: هي تفرق؟
لأ, بس أحب أعرف
أومال ليه فيه أسماْ الله الحسني؟
هي فيها حاجة؟

#activitaion #marketing #boredtodeath #amusedtodeath #thispicie #revolutionactivation #revolutionshelflife #theworldwelivein #theshitwesee #worldofshit social network revolution keeps a safe distance between itself and the street as usual, following and falling after each bone ….buckle up, you’re out …start a new model, live the people, do you swipe your own shit? do you sew? do you know knots? are you gonna nag and complain for longer? do you think solutions? do you use what you have? do you separate your fucking garbage? raid the mother, you asked for it, mainstream underground sponsored icons milking our smiles and likes, shit, not real, fuck the fame, gone bad, gone missing, box this, you use the same technique you are as stupid and dumber than a bag of hammers, hail real hail transparent, hail truth, how transparent are you? does it really hurt? how many times you checked your youtube video? how many people have you made them watch it? shit, not real, truth not spicy sure, but in a world of shit when neo-noise is in, subtlety is lame, true, the prose goes on, each has a person in mind, don’t lie about it, you might not win it, but sure you promote a cause, set an example, one many will follow, the prose goes on, on repeat, angry about advertising? bullshit you’re using their model

Troika Trio: Dark Matter at Art Basel 2014

ثلاثي ترويكا:
توليفة الإختلاف
“في بحثنا في العالم اليوم نمتلئ نحن شخصياً بمتضادات عديدة…..
هل يمكن أن تكون متدين عقلاني, هل يمكن أن تصنع فن منطقي, هل يمكن أن يصبح العلم ذاتي/أهوائي. فبدلا من وضع الأشياء في صناديق, نتقبل كل شئ كما في ما بعد الحداثه. من خلال ذلك نحاول إيجاد إن كان هناك شئ أعلي من ذلك يمكنه توليف
هذه الأشياء.ك

تألف الإختلاف هو إيجاد منطق أعلي بأفق أوسع لرؤية الأشياء علي ما هي عليه بالفعل, يضم -ما نعتبره-  مختلفات و متناقضات تحت تعريف جديد. ما نسعي إليه هو خلق نموذج/إطار مختلف للتعريف, ينتج منه تعريفات جديدة بها مرونة كافيه لإحتواء تناقضات عالمنا اليوم.ك

“the piece …looking at society and the world we live in, in a sense that we live in a world where everybody is ready to accept multiple truths, like everything can go.
and what we’re trying to see, that if behind these multiple realities, all multiple ways of seeing the world there is not something kind of a higher principle something that would unify those different facets, a little bit as if all the models we have the way we’re inquiring about the world gives us different perspective that they’re often contradictory.”

093 – personal commandments

in times of chaos and no system, put your foot down and make your own system
watch your step mofo
stay informed
throw away / give away more, not just physical property, also ideas and contacts
minimise your garbage
basic survival tricks
the problem is not fat it is fit
stay polite and firm
stay true to yourself and keep working on it
keep dreaming

٠١٤ – تنفيسة

لازم مخدرات
الخمرة خره
لازم العالي لابيض
و لازم نتفادي نعيش الصبح
النور بيموتني
بيفكرني اني كنت عايز اعمل حاجة
لازم نرجع نعيش باليل بس
و لازم مزيكا عاليه
و لازم بحر
ولازم نكسم الحياة
لاحنا ولادها و هي امنا
احنا ولاد الاكتئاب
يبقي نحضنه و نرضي به و نشتاق له
و الاكتئاب يحب المخدر
و مايحبش التفكير
هو الاكتئاب شخصيا تعبان نفسيا
و قمة الابداع فقط الموت
لوحدك خالص

-مايكل صبري

084 – Pepsi ≠ bread

this square is a symbol, a global one, for freedom, for change for people’s power, it represents me as part of the Egyptian revolution, and part of the global revolution against capitalism and what it represent. and the usual response of power is “i will fuck it up for you, don’t think you have the say on what will happen”.

it represents you as a free soul on this planet the spark started there, the wave that just started three years ago now, and still finding its way around the globe, the Tahrir effect is undeniable, no matter how much they will try to ruin it, sometimes by overly glorifying it some other times like this time will try to corporatize it and shit brand all over it.
in your face free soul, in your face if you think you own it, in your face aesthetics and ethics.

hoist that flag, this land is my land, this symbol will stay. we are not few who are watching and knowing it is wrong. fuck you if you think you are in control fuck you if you think you can break our will to change. its coming, its coming big.

the agency handling the pepsi account is OMD part of the Omni Group
here is their contact if you feel like giving ’em a shout out:
OMD, Rania Hafez
General Manager, Media Direction OMD
134 Nile Street
Agouza Giza
T: +20 2 3760 3815

082 – #Canada_raid

تحرش و هجرة \ إلحاد وهجرة \ أقليات و هجرة \ زهق و هجرة \ كرشة نفس وهجرة \ ماجيستير وهجرة \ نقط وهجرة \ أنا قاعد

081 – modern day commandments


I• thou shalt not picketh food off mineth plate after thou order’d a salad and claim’d to be full -especially mineth dess’rt

ΙΙ thou shalt not openeth thy shirt till thy belly button to reveal thy lion-like chest hair. i will be tempt’d to pulleth some out

ΙII thou shalt not crosseth the fucking road while looking the wrong fucking way

IV thou shalt not ruineth game of thrones episodes ‘r taunt me with them all day just because i’m not up to date with the latest episode

V thou shalt not eateth mineth food in the fridge – especially with the sticker that says ‘get thy owneth food fucker’

VI Thou shalt not add deodorant onto sweating skin and synthetic fiber, only then to stick your armpit under my nose on the metro Continue reading “081 – modern day commandments”

Ruptures / El Rass & Munma special edition (19 May 2014)

Ruptured Records

Two years after their first recorded collaboration, the immensely successful Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden (for the Ruptured label), Lebanese artists and musicians Mazen el-Sayed (El Rass) and Jawad Nawfal (Munma) released its long-awaited follow-up, Adam, Darwin and the Penguin, in May 2014.

A few days before the launch concert of the album in a popular live venue in Hamra, Beirut, we ran a radio show detailing the genesis and production of the record and its different contributors.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures el rass & munma 19/05 (part 1)
El Rass & Munma (2014) / El Rass & Munma (Munma rmx) / El Rass & Munma (2012) / El-Far3i (Munma prod.) / El-Far3i (2014) / Boikutt

Listen to Part 2: ruptures el rass & munma 19/05 (part 2)
El Rass & Munma (Feat. Boikutt, 2014) / El Rass & Munma (2013) / Nasreddine Touffar (Munma prod.) / El Rass &…

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076 – ThanksForComing

“Thank you thank you very much for coming thank you for coming everybody, thank you for coming all over, thank you guys for coming, thank you for coming to, here’s a towel”
Reggie Watts – Why S**** so crazy?

073 – George Carlin’s sanctity of life

I mean, life is sacred? Who said so? God? Hey, if you read history, you realise that God is one of the leading causes of death. Has been for thousands of years.
Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians all taking turns killing each other ‘cuz God told them it was a good idea.
But don’t be giving me all this shit about the sanctity of life.
‘Cuz, I mean, even with all this stuff we preach about the sanctity of life, we don’t practice it. We don’t practice it.
Look at what we’d kill:
Mosquitos and flies. ‘Cuz they’re pests.
Lions and tigers. ‘Cuz it’s fun!
Chickens and pigs. ‘Cuz we’re hungry.
Pheasants and quails. ‘Cuz it’s fun.
And we’re hungry.
And people.
We kill people…
‘Cuz they’re pests.
And it’s fun!

And you might have noticed something else.
The sanctity of life doesn’t seem to apply to cancer cells, does it?
You rarely see a bumper sticker that says “Save the tumors.“. Or “I brake for advanced melanoma.“.
No, viruses, mold, mildew, maggots, fungus, weeds, E. Coli bacteria, the crabs. Nothing sacred about those things.
So at best the sanctity of life is kind of a selective thing. We get to choose which forms of life we feel are sacred, and we get to kill the rest. Pretty neat deal, huh? You know how we got it? We made the whole fucking thing up! Made it up! The same way… thank you.

– George Carlin
watch it

070 – feat. suzeeinthecity

Foodist, adventurer, master blogger, stylist, journalist, Egyptian, party animal, rocker,…..well i’m just honored to feature her here

Then one day, my mother informed me that it was time to put on the top half of my two-piece swimsuit instead of running around in shorts (I apparently spent the first 2.5 years of my life running around naked in people’s gardens , which makes for very awkward small talk 20 years later when I run into them).

I remember being absolutely indignant at my mother’s request.

‘Why should I?’ I hollered, ‘The other boys don’t wear tops.’

‘You’re not a boy, dear,’ my mother sighed. ‘You’re a girl.’

‘So what? I climb faster than them, and some of them cry like girls.’

It’s true. I remember a whiner called Sherif who would run blubbering to his nanny every time he got hurt while tree climbing. Yes, I was a tree climber and crying boys were sissies. ….
The Overgrown Tomboy

here is quick dive into her instagram collection:
(i have to admit i dig your poker face/pose in dressies)



by: Abdellatif Kechiche (2000)

i just saw this movie and it is pretty good

Abdellatif Kechiche is a Tunisian-French actor, film director and screenwriter who made his directorial debut in 2000 with LA FAUTE À VOLTAIRE (aka POETICAL REFUGEE), which he also wrote. He also directed GAMES OF LOVE AND CHANCE, which won a César Award for Best Film and Best Director. He presented THE SECRET OF THE GRAIN at the 64 Mostra del Cinema in Venice for which he was awarded the Special Jury Prize, the FIPRESCI Prize, such as later the Louis Delluc Prize and others César Awards for Best Film and Best Director. His 2013 film BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR won the Palme d’Or and the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
extract from: https://www.facebook.com/events/371961419602698/373485499450290/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

067 – feat. interesting tips

#2 Create Genuine Rapport

We all have razor sharp B.S. meters.
As soon as we sense someone isn’t being genuine, they are dismissed.
Whether you know it or not, your subconscious is doing it.
After all, it’s impossible to have a real deep connection, with meaningful rapport, without actually knowing who you are talking to.
Sure you may be friendly, but you’ll always be missing something…
…something big.
The something that makes two people connect as husband and wife or two buddies become lifelong friends.
It’s because at some point they decided to be open. Simple as that.
The world and our experiences within it are all based on genuine personal connection. Without it we miss out on the best parts and end up being pretty miserable in the process.
I challenge you to be more of who you are and you will create a rapport that will have your audience returning regularly.

– See more at: http://www.drewiaconis.com/blogging-tips-and-tricks/#sthash.RlKxlHGc.dpuf

066 – DesperadoJoke

This reminds me of a joke.

This guy comes into a bar…
…walks to the bartender and says…
…” Bartender, I got a bet for you.
I’ll bet you $100 that I can piss…
…into that glass over there…
…and not spill a drop.”
The bartender looks at the glass.
It’s feet away.
He says…
…”You’re telling me
you’ll bet me $100 …
…that you can piss,
standing here…
…into that glass,
and not spill a single drop?”
Customer looks up and says:
“That’s right.”
Bartender says, “You’ve got a bet.”
The guy goes, “Okay, here we go.”
Pulls out his thing.
He’s thinking about the glass.
He’s thinking about the glass.
Thinking about his dick.
Dick, glass, dick, glass,
dick, glass, dick, glass.
Then he lets it rip. Continue reading “066 – DesperadoJoke”

065 – ThinkForYourself

Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities — the political, the religious, the educational authorities — who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing — forming in our minds — their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself.

How to Operate Your Brain

Read more at:

062 – Active-B, triclosan, anti-bacterial soap myth

…Animal studies have shown that triclosan alters hormone regulation. However, data showing effects in animals don’t always predict effects in humans. Other studies in bacteria have raised the possibility that triclosan contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. …
How can I tell if there is triclosan in a product that I am using?
Antibacterial soaps and body washes, and toothpastes are considered over-the-counter drugs. If an over-the-counter drug contains triclosan, it will be listed as an ingredient on the label, in the Drug Facts box. If a cosmetic contains triclosan, it will be included in the ingredient list on the product label.

– What consumers should know

WTF – hindustan unilever again:

At the same time that Hindustan Unilever was participating in the “health in your hands” initiative, for example, the company was modifying the material qualities of Lifebouy soap by introducing the anti-bacterial agent “Active-B’, or triclosan. In India this new ingredient was used to market the brand’s enhanced health-protecting qualities and heightened effectiveness over other soaps. Yet the same business-school case studies that applauded Hindustan Unilever’s involvment in the global handwashing initiative also noted that the decision to incorporate triclosan was taken despite ongoing debate in scientific and public forums in the US about the health risks associated with adding anti-bacterial agents to household hygiene products …
Conroversy over risks of triclosan inttensified in the late 1990s when findings published in Nature showed that under laboratory conditions triclosan induced genetic changes to bacteria … The authors suggested that the widespread use everyday household products containing triclosan could lead to appearnce of multi-product resistant super-germs.

As the business-school case studies report, these US-based controversies have not impinged on Unilever’s use of triclosan in household products for markets in India.
Introductory readings in anthropology – Global and local: Societies, Environment and Globalization p.236

at last but not the least, Thank you Minnesota for raising this flag
…A recent University of Minnesota study has shown levels of triclosan in lake sediment has been increasing. Scientists fear this could promote the growth of resistant organisms. If we want high concentrations of triclosan to be useful in an industrial or medical setting, maybe we can’t be dumping it down the sink every day. At the same time, research indicates the benefit of using antibacterial hand soaps and other consumer products might be very close to zero — regular soap matches the effectiveness of triclosan soap in many studies.
About 75% of hand soaps use triclosan in the US, and Minnesota isn’t the first state to look at banning it. Several others are considering enacting similar legislation. There is even talk of the FDA stepping in after the agency announced last year that it was planning to reevaluate the use of triclosan in consumer products. If a few more states ban the chemical, manufacturers will have little choice but to go along. So, if you meet a Minnesotan, it’s probably still safe to shake their hand.

كلّما جرّحتُ هذي البرتقالهْ
ربّما علّمها الحبّ وأعطاها جماله
ربُّها أو طفلُ مريمْ
كلّما أوغلتُ في البحر نأى الشاطئ عنّي
ولكي أسترجعَ الشاطئ في البحر أغنّي
كلّما امتدّت إلى النجم يميني
كان برقٌ خاطفٌ أسرع منّي
كلّما أوضحتُ ما كانت تقول الشجره
خَذَلتني سوسةٌ نائمةٌ في الثمره
هكذا نبدأ من حيث انتهينا
لا لنا شيءٌ ولا شيءٌ علينا»1

محمد علي شمس الدين «النازلون على الريح» (دار الآداب).1 –  

من مقالة لأنسي الحاج

059 – TheSaneSociety

This world and yonder world are incessantly giving birth:
every cause is a mother, its effect the child.
When the effect is born, it too becomes a cause and gives birth to wondrous effects.
These causes are generation on generation, bit it needs a very well lighted eye to see the links in their chain.


Peaceful Living


logics numbers

My Favourites?

Frankly, I like them all, but I think what resonates most with me would be 2, 3, 4 and 6. With no.6 I used to think one had to have all the answers, then I grew up and realized that you didn’t. The journey is as important as the destination….plus you might not even get there!

Your Favourite(s)?

And why?

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€ – on the history of beauty and ugliness

Famed Italian author, philosopher and professor Umberto Eco says beauty is boring and he’ll take ugly every time.

At least, that’s what he told a packed house last night at the University of Toronto Mississauga.
“Ugliness is unpredictable and it offers us an infinite amount of possibilities,” the author said during his free lecture on the history of beauty and ugliness.
The much-anticipated talk, presented by UTM’s Department of Language Studies and the Snider Lecture Series, was webcast live around the world. About 1,000 people attended.
Eco is a world-renowned literary critic, novelist and philosopher. He’s a professor of semiotics (the study of signs) who has written numerous books on that topic and on linguistics, esthetics and morality. His first novel, The Name Of The Rose, is a best-seller.
Last night the professor from the University of Bologna delivered a humorous speech on the subjects he chronicled in his two most recent books, On Beauty and On Ugliness. But he focused mainly on ugliness because, “beauty is boring.”
In contemporary culture, he said, characters such as E.T., the funny-looking little extra terrestrial in the 1982 Steven Spielberg film, are considered lovable despite being unappealing to the eye. The same can be said for dinosaurs and Pokemon.
Conversely, some of today’s fashions would be considered repulsive by people in the Renaissance period, Eco said.
“Youngsters tattoo and pierce their bodies so that they look more like Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Monroe.”
But, he said, a girl with a belly button ring could still take part in a march to raise awareness to help starving children in Africa, which is a beautiful thing.
He talked about modern images of starving children with skeletal bodies and bloated bellies, and pictures of concentration camps.
“We know these things are ugly,” he said, “but they can evoke compassion.”
In historical times, Eco said, ugly monarchs wee considered attractive because of their power.
In art, he said, ugly things can be portrayed beautifully. But, artists can produce ugly representations of beauty, such as paintings done by Adolf Hitler.
For a longest time, Eco said, ugliness was defined as the opposite of beauty. In the last century and a half, though, it has become defined and chronicled for itself.
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Umberto Eco

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θ – on Beauty

Ask a toad what beauty is, the to kalon? He will answer you that it is his toad wife with two great round eyes issuing from her little head, a wide, flat mouth, a yellow belly, a brown back. Interrogate a Guinea negro, for him beauty is a black oily skin, deep-set eyes, a flat nose. Interrogate the devil; he will tell you that beauty is a pair of horns, four claws and a tail. Continue reading “θ – on Beauty”

⊕ – i received a crash course in postmodern thought

during my first semester at Swarthmore college. In a lesson that was to be repeated throughout my undergraduate education, the professor opened the class by admonishing us to reject binary thinking. As the class was staring at her dumbfounded, she divided the chalkboard in two with a thick vertical line and asked us to name the dualisms that structure our world. After she provided a few examples to get us started – male/female, white/black – we jumped into the game, calling out binaries one after another: rich/poor, smart/stupid, human/animal, cool/lame, skinny/fat … The game went on until the board was full and the air saturated with chalkdust. Pausing a moment, our comparative literature professor asked us if we noticed anything odd about the list we had constructed.
Looking at the chalkboard, we saw an easy answer: on the left of the line were “good” terms – cool,skinny, rich, smart, white – and on the right were their counterparts, the derided terms. In an instant, our class grasped an essential precept of postmodern philosophy: Western thought has hitherto divided the world into a series of binary oppositions that privilege one side over the other. The political implications of the lesson were clear: Oppression can be traced back to the way we think, and hope of liberation rests on escaping this binary thinking.
The postmodern project of overcoming binary thought, however, is more difficult than it may appear. First of all, one cannot simply flip the terms and privilege what was once diminished – that would merely replicate the binary in reverse.
The issue is not which term is privileged but the false belief that existence can be divided into two distinct, competing parts. Thus the task of the postmodern activist became the blurring and problematizing of distinctions in order to destroy dualist thinking. It was all done in the name of political liberation. At least that was the intended goal.

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050 – Down By Law


Excuse me. Do you say in English,
”I look ‘hat’ the window,”
or do you say in English,
”I look ‘hout’ the window”?
Well, in this case, Bob, I’m afraid
you gotta say, ”I look at the window.”
So, uh, Za… Jack.
Jack, why-why are you put in this place?
I don’t know, Bob. It was, like,
voodoo or something, you know?
I was framed. I’m completely
innocent. You understand?
– Yes. You are innocent man. I understand.
– Yeah.
And you, my friend, Zack, Continue reading “050 – Down By Law”

♠ – symbol

Social concious did indeed play a big part in visual communication and graphic design in Britain throughout the 1960´s in the height of fears of the threat of nuclear war, whereupon this poster was created as a reaction to stop British disarmented, a logo which we now associate with peace, with the skull image representative of the nuclear bomber.

® – Gestalt

the whole is different from the sum of its parts

الكل مختلف عن مجموع أجزاءه

◊ – A Thought To Marketeers

here is something to think about, how about we think of another paradigm for segmentation -when it is needed- that is based on taste and culture. instead of race, gender, color, and income.

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